Our passion

Our passions are urology and surgery. We are interested in new surgical technologies, such as minimally invasive surgery and robotics.

We believe in a personalized treatment for each patient, therefore we like to assist them throughout the process. Medicine should treat patients as people and not as numbers.


Barcelona has always been important for surgery and, specifically, for urologic surgery. Dr. Puigvert and Dr. Gilvernet,- who are considered the fathers of modern urology – carried out their professional activities in this city. In 1965 Professor Gilvernet performed in Barcelona the first kidney transplant in Spain. Since then, many other advances in the field of urology can be mentioned.

In Barcelona, and specifically in the Hospital Clínic, the living donor kidney transplant, with the implementation of laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy, was first driven in 2002. Subsequently, new minimally invasive techniques were applied to living donation such as transvaginal nephrectomy (NOTES) and nephrectomy through a single port (LESS). Being techniques adopted by multiple surgeons in different centers in Europe and the rest of the world. In Barcelona, ​​the first transvaginal living donor nephrectomy was performed in the world. It has also been a pioneer city in the use of the Da Vinci Robot for oncological surgeries and in kidney transplant surgery, being one of the first European cities to perform a kidney transplant assisted by a robot. In addition, it is internationally recognized for its health system, with a number of health professionals considered on the highest level.


    Medical Research is a key to créate knowledge and create new diagnostic tools and treatments.


    If you are looking for a second opinion enter the following link and follow the process to have an online medical report


    The involvement in teaching both in the university and in the hospital not only helps to share the knowledge but also maintains the motivation in it.

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